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Crystal In Sedona

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PO Box 177 Sedona Arizona 86339 USA


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About Crystal In Sedona

Crystal is well known by her clients as a Body Language Specialist, Healer, and Intuitive Bodyworker in Sedona, AZ specializing in the mind, body, spirit approach to health and healing. Her Intuitive Bodywork, INTERCEPTION, The Mind Body Connection™ has been called, "The missing link," by healthcare providers and "Transformational" by her clients from around the world. Whether you are wanting a relaxing Sedona Massage, Intuitive Bodywork, Energy Healing or a Sedona Spa Treatment, Crystal's unique combination of services provides a healing experience for your mind, body and spirit. With Crystal’s rich background and training she has developed her own exclusive intuitive array of Massage and Body Therapies, Healing Techniques and Organic Spa Treatments.

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